Are You Still Wasting Time & Money Scheduling Appointments?


Our RedMaki software helps small business owners save time and money by scheduling appointments online: easy to use, easy to install, fast and affordable.

RedMaki does all of these great things for you:

Your customers book appointments. Anywhere.

Let your customers book appointments on your website, social media, e-mail, messengers, Maps, business listing and everywhere else online. Enter phone or in-store appointments in just a few seconds

Massive time savings. More Freedom.

Simple, fast and easy-to-use. Your customers book appointments in under a minute.

Appointments Fast. Easy. Simplified.

No technical headaches with RedMaki. Installing RedMaki takes less than 30 minutes and a monkey can use it.e. Your customers book appointments in under a minute.

More Appointments. Scheduled right.

We plan your appointments taking into account employees, materials and rooms. No disappointments possible.

More Appointments. 24/7.

Save time spent on coordinating appointments over phone and email with an our appointment booking software. Accept online bookings 24×7.

Developed for local entrepreneurs like you:

Join the RedMaki community and take back your freedom.

Dog Grooming

Tattoo shops

Personal Trainers


Massage Salons

Dog Grooming

Tattoo shops

Personal Trainers


Massage Salons

We are listening: simplicity done for you.

We are improving RedMaki every day. Our aim is to help you book more appointments and smartly organize your work. We continuously work on RedMaki, so you can work even faster and smarter.

Tell us what you really need to do your job.


Need help? World class support.

 Not everybody is the same. If you are having trouble with the set-up, using RedMaki or do you prefer a little assistance? We answer all chat questions in under 1 minute during business hours. And there is more. We created guides to help you make your business succesvol online.

Discover our support for local businesses

Why pay for features you never use?


RedMaki is easy to install, set-up takes 30 minutes and you do not need a manual. Our users love RedMaki because we do not overcomplicated things to justify price hikes for features you will never use.



Sign-up & install the script on your website. In under 5 minutes.



Enter your business information: openingtimes, employees, materials, services. max. 20 minutes.


Post your booking link on social media accounts, emails, messenger conversations and everywhere else online. 5 minutes.


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Try us out for 14 days. No hassle. No charge.

Try us out for two weeks. Redmaki is not what you are looking for? No worries. You won’t pay a dime.

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